About Us

At Paintable Pictures, our mission is to delight customers with one-of-a-kind painting experiences. Paintable Pictures was founded in the summer of 2020 by Patrick Carroll and Peter Schrock out of Columbus, OH.

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In summer of 2020, Patrick fell in love with the idea of transforming a photo into a custom paintable kit as the perfect gift for his Mother's birthday. But after weeks of searching he only found low-quality products and multi-month delivery times - undeserving of a the gift-grade product he envisioned!

Paintable Pictures Magnolia Journal

Driven to find a better way, Patrick linked up with Peter to build the product they believed needed to exist: they crafts a personalized paint by number product from the ground up with premium materials and gift-grade quality in mind. They set forth to build an offering designed to be in customer's hands on gift-giving timelines - one week! In the process Patrick and Peter built a paint by number studio capable of designing and building dozens - and eventually hundreds - of bespoke custom products daily! 

Paintable Pictures Uncommon Goods

What makes Paintable Pictures different? A lot. We do every step of the design and build process in our Columbus, OH studio. From taking in the customer photo, to transforming that photo into a custom paint by number design, to curating a set of paint that brings the most from each photo, to daily outbound shipments to reach our customers on gift-grade timelines.

In our short history, Paintable Pictures has been featured in Chip & Joanna's Magnolia Journal, Uncommon Goods' famous Winter Catalog, and have been selected to showcase their product at the largest retail conference in the US.

For Press and Partnership inquiries: partnerships@paintablepictures.com

For Support and other inquiries: support@paintablepictures.com

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