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Why Paint by Number Murals Energize Corporate Events

Paint by number murals have been a popular activity for corporate events in recent years, and for good reason. Not only are they a unique and creative way to bring a team together, but they also serve as a lasting reminder of the event and the company's values. Paintable Pictures began offering paint by number murals in 2022, and as of January 2023 it is our fastest growing product! We are proud to have built murals for great brands like Google and Teach for America already. Paint by number mural at Google Gtech event in 2022 One of the biggest benefits of paint by number murals is that they encourage teamwork and collaboration. Participants are assigned a specific section of...

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7 Tips for Learning to Paint

Focus on the details Get the details right. Learning to paint is no different from any other skill: you can't learn what "right" looks like if you don't know what "wrong" looks like. And if you're just starting out, chances are that your painting skills are still in their infancy. It's a good idea, then, to focus on the details of your paintings in order to watch them grow into something spectacular. For example, when painting a landscape, it's important to pay attention to the position and movement of the clouds as well as their form and texture. By focusing on these smaller details first, you'll be able to build a strong foundation for your painting before moving onto larger...

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Great Art Activities for Kids

Printable Paint By Numbers When you're a parent or caregiver, it can sometimes feel like you need to hire a professional entertainer to keep your kids occupied. Luckily, there are easy and fun art activities that you can do with little ones that don't require any special skills—just printable paint by numbers. These are the perfect way to introduce young children to coloring inside the lines and connecting the dots—they're just like a normal paint by number but they're free to print! You'll find plenty of free templates online, but if you're feeling creative then why not make your own? All it takes is some paper and pens (you could even use crayons) plus time spent drawing up an original...

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8 Reasons Why Paint by Numbers is a Great Hobby

It's easy to start! So, you want to give paint by numbers a try? Great! Here’s what you need to get started: A paint by number kit. You can find these at craft stores and online. There are many different kinds and sizes available, so it pays to do your homework before buying one. Brushes. While there is no hard-and-fast rule about which brush to use, it’s generally best to choose one that has natural bristles rather than synthetic ones because they can hold more paint which means less time spent re-dipping your brush into the bottle while painting! A clean surface on which you will do your painting (this could be an old tablecloth or piece of fabric). You...

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Paint your Pet by the Numbers!

All you need is a photo or photo of your pet and we will send you a complete kit with everything included to create your own masterpiece! Choosing a photo: Pick one with good lighting. Select a photo that is well lit, without shadows cast on your pet's face. Make sure your pet's eyes are clear. Photographs of your pet looking at the camera or showing his/her full face work best. Avoid blurry pictures. Pet photos taken indoors or where your pet is not moving are best. You will receive paint, brushes, and a canvas with the outlines of your pet's face so that you can paint by numbers. The paint by numbers kit is a great way for beginners...

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