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Should be proofed

If I had a chance to see the proof before shipping I would not have purchased or tried a different photo-there are whole sections just “white” - in this case sky and water which had both color and shades

Great job!! This is my second picture I had made into a painting! I love doing them. Amazing results. The painting looks just like picture! Top notch quality!! Highly recommend!!


I love these paint kits and this company so much! I was looking for a unique way to display some of my favorite pictures in my house and this delivered. Also how cool is it I can say I did that!

The customer service for this company is amazing, everything ships soo quick they are incredibly responsive and sent be a replacement right away when one of my paints was dried out.

Fast shipping, paint colors off

I appreciated how fast my order came and the careful packaging - the canvas wasn't folded and there were good brushes. However, some of the paint colors I got did not match the colors in the picture they sent of how it would look when finished. For instance, where there was supposed to be a medium brown, the paint was actually auburn - more red than brown. I was disappointed how far off that color in particular landed, so instead of my brown and black tabby cat, I have a red and black one!

Kids at the beach

I already finished my painting, took me only 6 days!!!! I absolutely love it!!!!! Everyone is amazed by it! Thank you so much! I still can’t believe it’s so easy and looks so fabulous!

Sitting Bull

Very detailed and fun to watch the progression. Pretty amazing !

Awesomely addictive pastime

This is my second picture with Printable Pictures. Couldn’t be more happy. This is a great time killer for the winter months. The pictures they produce are accurate, the colors are right on, the price is right, and the materials are first rate. Patrick is easy to deal with and has come through both times professionally. Looking forward to the next one. Find a picture you love and go flor it. Happy painting. I feel like an artist.

Very happy

This was a present for Christmas and it came out wonderfully. I would certainly do it again.

Great customer service

I ordered a medium paintable picture to paint for somebody for Christmas. I ended up being sent the wrong picture. Once I realized I emailed them late at night and they emailed back immediately. They sent me a new paintable picture that was with the correct photo. I downsized and they sent me the refund difference between a medium and small size which I wasn’t expecting. I would use this company again. The canvas is really nice quality, Most of the paints were perfect some of them were a little too thick, the paint brushes were very cheap but did the job.

Wonderful project!

I bought this as a wedding gift. I needed it to be shipped quickly because I knew it would take me some time to finish. It not only arrived quickly but the quality of paint and the image itself exceeded my expectations. Before I placed my order I emailed them and got a fast reply and even got to preview the image before hand. They were so helpful and wonderful. I can’t recommend this company enough! I love how my painting came out!

A fun time the whole family can experience

I had a lot of fun painting my image. My sister got involved, too, making it an entertaining task to do with family. There were times we became so engrossed in it, we couldn't put our paint brushes down for the night. It was amazing to watch the canvas evolve from numbers and lines to a full fledged image, which looked very close to the original picture. We received a good amount of paint tubes and the paint went on the canvas easily. The colors were rich too.

Baby Grandson

So far, so good. Still painting, but it looks good. I appreciate all of the care and attention I received to ensure the picture would look as natural as possible. If I am able to complete the project, I will definitely order another one for my other grandson.

Fabulous idea

This is a fabulous idea and surely it's going to turn out awesome BUT it's very difficult and time-consuming. The paint by number areas range from a pencil head eraser to a dime in most areas. It is very tedious.

Perfect gift for all occasions!

This was such an awesome gift! I purchased it as Father's Day gift to an extremely artistic father from a not so artistic daughter. The instructions were very clear and easy to follow. They provide almost everything you need and I truly enjoyed converting a very treasured picture into a beautiful work of art!

Easy to follow and the finish is beautiful. Definitely will buy again!!!

Perfect Present

My husband got me a paint by numbers of my favorite photo from our wedding for my birthday.
I was so excited to get it done I finished it in 2 days. It came out amazing! I’m already trying to decide what photo to do next.

My girlfriend painted the picture and it turned out ok but she was not able to completely cover some of the lines as they were darker than the paint. Also some of the numbers did not print very well. They were very hard to read.

Great quality!!

Wonderful project for when you are stuck home recovering.

The paint-by-number face impressed me most

Part of what makes this hobby so fun is watching the picture emerge from a bunch of blobs. When I began this painting of my grandmother, I wondered how paint-by-number could possibly do justice to a face. I was doubtful, but by the time I was done, the painting really evoked the original. The shadows on her forehead, her neck, her eyes looking through glasses all looked realistic.

This is a great screen-free activity for winding down late at night. I'd get my mother one of these for Mother's Day if she were still living.

Amazing!! The canvas quality is fantastic and the paints are highly pigmented and nice to work with. Can’t recommend enough!

This was the most perfect gift for my husband for our first Valentine's Day married! My order was created SO fast and was delivered within a few days; extremely reliable! The quality of the canvas is gorgeous and so helpful that it comes with all of the exact paint colors you need! And fine tipped paint brushes too! Patrick responded to all of my messages very quickly and gave great suggestions! By far the most personable and wonderful store I have shopped from on Etsy!!! Couldn't be happier with how our painting turned out!!!

I got my paint by numbers and it came out perfect. I made it for a gift for my grandmother and she loved it. Only problem is I specifically ordered through this shop because they advertise “2 day shipping”. It was far more. I ordered it January 5, it shipped on the 6th and it finally arrived the 15. Now don’t get me wrong most other shops take months coming from China BUT I spent quite a bit more in this product due to the fact that it was supposed to be 2 day shipping...\nUPDATE:\nThe customer service for this shop is amazing! Right away after leaving this review I was contacted and the support apologized and offered me a discount on my next order! I have tried multiple different companies to order paint by numbers through and this one is by far the best! Very excited to continue purchasing from them in the future!


Such a special idea for a project. I haven't begun to paint it yet, however felt it was important to make a comment now rather than waiting until it has been completed. Hopefully, I will be able to post a photo of the finished picture.

Photo of Spain

No detail on the picture, anything that was dark was labeled black. Missing two paint pods. Overall not pleased.

Printable Paint by Number: Grazin' Cows (8" x 10")

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